Before applying for your firearms license, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a United States Citizen
  2. Must be a Groton resident or business owner in Groton (must provide proof)

The Groton Police Department will conduct a local and national criminal records background check on each applicant. A criminal record may prevent you from obtaining a License to Carry or Firearms Identification Cards. 

The Groton Police Department participates in the Massachusetts Instant Records Check System (MIRCS).  This system provides information directly linked to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Firearms Records Bureau, and provides newly improved License to Carry and Firearms Identification Cards.

You will meet with the Certified Firearms Licensing Official to process your application in the MIRCS computer system. A digital photograph of you and electronic image of your fingerprint will be taken and scanned into the computer. First time applicants for a LTC/FID will be fingerprinted. You will be asked for payment for the License or FID application per state regulations (see fee schedule below).

Once your application is completed, the Licensing Authority will review your application and complete a criminal background check. Once the check is completed and reviewed, your application may be approved or denied pursuant to M.G.L. If approved, you will receive a phone call to come into the station to pick up your license at your convenience.   If your application is denied you will receive a letter in the mail with the details and further instructions. 

If you have any other questions related to your application for Firearms you may contact the Certified Firearms Licensing Official.


Preferable payment method is by Check or money order made out to the "Town of Groton." Certain crimes are automatic reasons for denial. If denied, your Application Fee will not be refunded.  

  • Dealer License: $100.00 
  • Gunsmith License: $100.00 (No additional fee is charged for a Gunsmith License if the person pays the fee for the dealers license) 
  • License to Sell Ammunition: $100.00 
  • Firearms Identification Card: $100.00 
  • Firearms Identification Card-under age 18: $25.00 
  • License to Carry Firearms: $100.00 
  • Machine Gun License: $100.00 
  • Resident Alien: $100.00 
  • Over 70 years of age: Renewal of FID, LTC or Machine Gun license—no fee
Appointments are a minimum of 30 minutes, but can last longer depending on your circumstances.

To obtain a LTC/FID Appointment please follow these instructions: 

  1. Call 978-448-5555 to make an appointment to meet with the Certified Firearms Licensing Official.
  2. Bring a copy of your approved gun safety course certificate (M.G.L. C140 s131P) - *renewals - only required if previous LTC/FID is from another town or if license was issued after 1998.
  3. Bring your Massachusetts Driver’s License 
  4. Bring any firearms licenses you may have from another state - *renewals - bring previously issued LTC/FID
  5. Bring application fee (see fee schedule below)
  6. If a naturalized citizen you MUST bring your Naturalization Card
  7. If applicant is a Permanent Resident Alien a Green Card is required
  8. If applicant is a minor, a parental consent form is required
  9. If applicant is a minor, parent(s) are required to attend appointment 
  10. If applicant is applying for business bring proof of ownership
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