Groton Police Department Personnel
Chief Donald Palma
Deputy Chief James Cullen
Sergeant Derrick Gemos
Sergeant Edward Sheridan
Sergeant Jason Goodwin
Officer Paul Connell
Officer Peter Breslin
Officer Dale Rose
Officer Robert Breault
Officer Gordon Candow
Officer Kevin Henehan
Sergeant Rachael Mead
Officer Nicholas Betz
Detective Michael Lynn
Officer Omar Connor, School Resource Officer
Officer Gregory Steward
Officer Patrick Timmins
Officer Victor Sawyer
 Officer Andrew Davis
Executive Assistant Kathy Newell
Administrative Assistant Joan Tallent
Reserve Officers
Officer Edward Bushnoe
Officer Kathy Newell
Officer Michael Ratte
Officer Richard Rene
Officer Jonathan Shattuck
Communication Officers 
Darlene Touchette
Sarah Power
Warren Gibson
Jonathan Shattuck
Sam Welch
Cathy Myers
Ed Bushnoe
Michael MacGregor
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